Keeping carpets clean is extremely important in the workplace.
Health & safety executives are becoming ever more concerned about indoor air quality and the potential ill effects from bacteria, allergens and chemical pollution and also dust giving rise to ‘sick building syndrome’.

Carpets and rugs, like curtains, blinds and voiles, act as ‘filters’ to the air we breathe and should therefore be cleaned regularly to lessen occupational health risks.

Our specialist carpet cleaning team will thoroughly clean your carpets with our most advanced carpet cleaning system, equipment and solutions.

We will do our best to remove stains and deep clean any type of carpet leaving it looking and feeling like new! Our expert carpet cleaning technicians use the best commercial cleaning system on the market and can clean your carpets in accordance with the highest industry specifications, leaving you with fantastic looking carpets that will completely transform your home or place of work.

We are available to both commercial customers and householders alike and can deal with any size of job – from a large office to a one bedroom flat.

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